بَسِيط \ austere: (of conditions) hard and plain; without comfort or ornament: Some mountain people lead an austere existence. bald: plain, giving only the facts: a bald statement. homely: simple and friendly; making one feel at home: This little hotel has a homely feeling. lowly: (of work or a home) suited to a simple person with no social pride: I was content to do the lowly work of a roadsweeper. mild: (of people) gentle and quiet in manner; (of illness) not serious; (of words and actions) gentle: a mild attack of fever; a mild punishment. plain: simple; of the usual kind; without ornament: in plain English, (not using fancy language): a plain blue dress (with no ornament or other colour on it). rustic: (of country things, compared with town things) plain and simple. simple: plain; not fine or grand: We lead a simple life in the country, easy to do or to understand: a simple job; a simple question, not clever; having a rather weak brain; easily deceived. slight: small and usu. unimportant: a slight change; slight fever. modest: small but large enough (personal possessions, needs, pay, etc.): He drives a modest little car. \ See Also غير مُتَكلّف، متقشف (مُتَقَشِّف)، وضيع (وَضيع)، ساذج (ساذج)، طفيف (طفيف)‏

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